الاثنين، جمادى الأولى 27، 1426

God Works all things for good

Hello friends
Ok, here is what has been happening lately. As many of you know, the team and Matthew have arrived safely in Pakistan. Joe and I, on the other hand are still here in Cananda!! What happend, you may wonder. Well, we were all ready and on our way, showing our tickets and what not, the agent tells me that I cannot go! I asked why and he said that since I am not Canadian, I need a travelling pass or visa to travel through the European countries. That for sure was a shock to us. Something that we never expected to happen. To make the story short, we tried very hard right and then to get me another flight but no such luck. In doing all that, Matthew ended up missing his flight but thankfully got another one in a few hours without any extra charge. Both Joe and I ended up staying here. I was VERY upset, angry and frustrated. Then of course the people at the air-port aren't the most friendly and helpful. Anyways, Thursday and Friday were very tiring. Lots of running around at the terminals inorder to find some help re my next flight.
As of now, I have talked to Matthew a few times. Everybody is doing good. Is safe and having a good time. Joe and I fly on this Wed around 11:40pm. First flight is from TO to Hong Kong (19 hours). 10 hours waiting at the air-port there and then final flight (9hours) to Karachi). Yes, a VERY long one but that seems to work for now. SO please pray for us. I am a little nervous to travel with my little son. I have never done this before. So pray for the strength. God is good and has been teaching us to trust in HIM and know that He is faithful. Today I can say that whatever has been, it's good becasue I know that we are in HIS Hands. He has a reason for all this. Praise God! Thank you all so much for your prayers, love and support.
God is good
Standing on His promises

الأربعاء، جمادى الأولى 15، 1426

Getting ready for home!!

Hello hello everyone!
It's been a while since I last blogged. I am realizing how busy life gets when you have a little baby! Believe it or not, it seems that all I am doing is feeding Joe, changing him, bathing him and comforting him when he needs me. It sure is a great learning experience for me and I do really enjoy being a mom. :) God's also teaching me of His unconditional love and that He is always there for me whenever I need Him and even when I think that I don't need Him. What a wonderful Father!!
Aside from all this, we are pretty much all ready to go home. I can only imagine what it would be like to see my mom and dad!! Can't wait to see them! I praise God for all the wonderful people who He has brought along to go with us. What a great team that we have going with us!!
We got Joe's passport today. Praise God! God has been so faithful to us throughout these years and its all because of Him that we are who we are.
Tomorrow I am off to Toronto with my bro-in-law (very cool guy) to pick my passport. On Monday we are off to the Cuthills. You know one thing about these people, they are never tired of having people over to stay with them. They are amazing people. Very kind. May God bless them. Yeah, can't wait to see them and hang out
Love and prayers

الجمعة، ربيع الآخر 19، 1426

Joseph our Joy!

Hello everyone!!
O wow I am so excited already! :) Yes, our little one arrived on May 18th, 5:05 pm. It sure was a neat experience to deliver him. Not too easy but it's worth it. Joseph is so cute. Matthew and I love him so much! I can't wait till Joseph grows up and learns about God's everlasting Love and Faithfulness! I love getting up at nights and taking care of our baby. I sing to him, pray with him and for him. Last night he only woke up twice and mom and dad enjoyed their long sleep hours. :) Today I read Psalm 139 with Joseph while he was being breastfed. O it's great! God is so good and faithful.
I have been feeling quite good. Thanks to all of you out there who always prayed for me and my family.
Matthew is so wonderful and is a great dad. I can't wait to see Joe grow up and play with us. Also it won't be too long till we go to Pak and see my dear family. Please do continue to pray for us. Check out: matthewcook.blogspot.com for tons of great pictures.
God is great

الاثنين، ربيع الآخر 01، 1426

Pakistani Clothes are cool

Hello hello!
Yes, I am still pregnant! :) To be honest this pregnancy has been so much fun and I love every part of it! I am in my 39th week which means I have about 12 days left...I think. Yes, I am counting my days and can't wait to have our baby!! I just so want to hold our little precious one!! Then I am looking forward to taking care of the baby, getting up at nights, feeding and changing the diapers. O it will be a whole new experience and I am just blessed to be able to experience it! So yeah, please do keep praying for us as our times is coming up. We are excited!
Matthew is so wonderful and is a huge support to me. I love him so much and thank God for him. I know he'll make a wonderful father. :)
Enjoy the pics below.

Dina and us in our Pakistani clothes.

Wendy (Dina's mom), Dina and me.

Us in our Sarees.

Matthew (in his shalwar Qamiz) and me.

Me and my big belly!I love this pic because it shows how much my belly can stretch!! God's works are so amazing!! I never thought how big I could get! O it's so amazing and I love it!!! :)

الجمعة، ربيع الأول 27، 1426

In Toronto with friends

Hello everyone
I thought it's been a while so I should blog. As many of you know, we have moved out of our apt in St. Caths and are now living with our family (my in-laws). It's been great fun and of course cheap too. :) We also got to give our cat away to the Human society and now we found out that he has been adapted!! I do miss my little orange cat :( but I know that I'd enjoy having my baby more especially since my baby won't bite us ! :)

By the way, below are the pics of some of our friends who are going to Pakistan with us. We were down in Toronto last week and had a riot! We stayed at the Cuthills (they are cool). On Friday afternoon we went out to eat at the Indian restaurant and wow the food was yummy :) Praise God for their visas! It's going to be so much fun. I can't wait to see my dear family!!

Me, Bethany Martin, Ben Inglis, Todd Anderson, and my dear husband.

Our friend Ben in his royal Pakistani clothes. Doesn't he look great? By the way, we got these clothes for a really good price. :)

الجمعة، ربيع الأول 13، 1426

9 months over!

Ok, today my 9 months of pregnancy are over and I am super excited that God has brought me and the baby safe thus far. If it wasn't for His grace, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am sorry that I can't post my picture today not because I look big and chubby :) but that we forgot our camera in some friend's car and now its in Peterborough! O well, nothing has really changed. I still look the same...I think. :)
So according to our little calendar I have about 28 more days to go but of course it's not too accurate since babies show up whenever. So far, I am super excited and confidant in the Lord. I am ready to go into labor in fact I can't wait! Thanks again to all the prayer partners.
I had my baby shower on Tuesday and it went really well. All the women were very encouraging. We got tons of baby stuff. It's been just amazing to see how God has been showing us and our little one (to come) His faithfulness. Great is HIS Faithfulness!!
We are almost ready to move in with the in-laws and its exciting.
Anyways, this is about it. You all have a good day and I pray that you experience His everlasting love and never ending faithfulness

الاثنين، ربيع الأول 09، 1426


Today is a beautiful sunny day and I am so glad that the snow has disappeared :) Lots is happening here with us. Matthew and I are getting very busy as the time comes closer for our little precious one to arrive. Tonight we are going to St. Caths general hospital for the maternity tour which should be fun. Tomorrow the chapel ladies are throwing me a baby shower which is super cool too :) On Wed I have a doctor's appointment and we get to discuss lots of things regarding delivering and what not! O my, I am so excited and can't believe that times has flown by so fast! I am still enjoying being pregnant. I love feeling the baby kicks and moves. O the LORD is so wonderful!
This coming Friday I will be finished my 9 months of pregnancy! I used to think that the baby is born after 9 months...Not quite true. It takes 36-38, 38-40, 40-42 weeks! Isn't that crazy? I don't think I have that much patience to wait that long! We'll see when our baby decides to arrive. :) So yeah, since We don't have much time left, we decided to move out of our apt (in St. Caths)at the end of this month and migrate with the in-laws. This again, is a blessing because we'd be getting so much help there after the baby has arrived. So our last 2 months before we take off for Pakistan would be spent with our dear family in Welland which excites us. On Sat (16th) 2 of our friends, Anita Clark and Warren came down to see us. It was a blessing to hang out with them for the day. They also helped us move our big stuff which was great. We had goat curry for lunch and then we were off to Niagra Falls. That sure went by fast and we had TONS of fun.
Anyways, I think this is what keeping us super busy but things are going well. God continues to show us HIS Faithfulness and we praise HIM for HIS never ending love and everlasting kindness